An Appointment booking App for Spas, Salons, Wellness centres, Therapists, Clinics and Doctors.

An Android and iPhone mobile application that allows customers to interact and book appointments easily!

Spa Mobile Application - mSpa

Spa and Salon owners are facing tough competition and would like to attract, retain and engage with their customers. Customers hesitate to wait If the store is busy and they look for an easy app solution to engage with Spas. mSpa will be a dedicated and customized iPhone and Android mobile app for your Spa store and you shall provide Info about your business, Categories and services you offer, let customer can choose any services and fix an appointment from their smartphones, make a payment and easily navigate to your Spa location. This is how software will help you to gain new customers and retain them.

Own Branding

How cool it will be to have an iPhone and Android app in your own branding? We customize user experience design and provide a unique Spa mobile app. Niche animation and easy navigation let your customers to use it often to check your services and offerings.


Service listing

Why let your customers to walk into your store just to check price or to find what are the services you offer? If your Smartphone Spa App provides all your services listing and its prices, would not be cool for them to easily engage with you? Our App lists all categories and services along with price.


Appointment booking

No more walk out customers if your Spa is busy. Our mobile app let them to book an appointment over the phone by choosing services, add to cart, add stylist name and book an appointment. No more double booking or let someone to wait.



Offers are lucrative for customers. It shows that business takes care of customer’s needs and let them get any special discount or coupons. mSpa mobile application allows adding offers on various Spa services and customers can avail it easily from mobile.


Geo Location

No need for a customer to search for your shop. This Customized Spa software solution lists all your Spa locations ( If you have more branches ) and navigate your customer to the nearest location. Cool feature that make sure your customer is not lost anytime.


Web Dashboard

Admin dashboard allows business to manage contents, their services, categories, price, appointments and their locations. Once Its entered, It will be immediately updated in your iPhone and Android app and customer can view updated Info at real. Web software will be your digital marketing tool that promotes all your offerings into your Customers’ smartphone easily


  • Update once in Web and reflects in iPhone and Android app.
  • Easily customizable web and mobile solution for your Spa and Salon.
  • One time fee and own your app.
  • Service Business mobile App

    App can be customized for any Service customers. Clinics, Doctors, Therapists, Spa, Wellness centres, Fitness centres can customize their web backend to list their services, categories, price and let customers to fix an appointment.

    Web Dashboard is built with Open Source technologies including Python, Django, PostgreSQL and AngularJS. As one of the best native iPhone development company, W2S Solutions built rich UI for Web and mobile with easy customization for all businesses.

    Appointment scheduling App

    • Service business requires more customers to book an Appointment. Our iPhone and Android mobile app allows scheduling an appointment easily. Just click the service you are looking for, provide name, email, number and timeline. Your appointment is booked and you will get an SMS alert. Its super easy to grab customers and retain them.


    Is your Business regularly provides offers to customers? No need to print paper materials and dispatch. Our App allows you to provide offers easily to your customers. They will instantly get push notification on their mobile and redeem it. As an admin, you will also know who is interested in your offer and pitch them.

    Geo Navigation App

    • Customers will not be lost when searching for you. Our App shows your business locations and they shall find which one is near for them. App shows a navigation window and let them to find you easily. Geo navigation and geo fencing are integrated in our iOS and Android app. Locations can be easily managed from your Web admin.

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