Using a Booking App to Reduce Waiting Time at Your Fitness Center

More people are hitting the gym as the need for healthy living becomes apparent. There has been growing concern over the increase in lifestyle diseases, which has prompted health professionals to embark on a full-throttle campaign to educate society on the need for exercise and proper dieting. If you are a fitness trainer, it is important to leverage the increasing flow of information to attract more clients.

There are over 30,000 gyms and health clubs in the U.S competing for clients. There are 267,000 fitness trainers, which again highlights how important this industry has become. To survive in this competitive landscape, you have to think outside the box. The days when all you needed were fliers and posters in your neighborhood are long gone.

Leveraging Mobile Internet Traffic

To give you a hint, consider that over 3.2 billion people are now using the internet according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). According to Smart Insights, 48% of consumers start their mobile search experience with a search engine. Considering that over 80% of internet users are using smartphones, it simply means your business has to target mobile traffic. How do you do this? A mobile app for your fitness center is the best place to start.

A mobile app is a tool that more small businesses are using to compete at the same level with bigger brands in their niche. Whether you are a startup or an established fitness center, building a beautiful website is not enough. Of course, there are millions of websites that never convert and the secret remains in directing traffic to your site.

For a fitness center, the major concern is booking and maintaining a smooth scheduling process and most facilities are not able to achieve this. If potential clients cannot easily find a slot in your gym, they will definitely look elsewhere. Most cities have multiple fitness centers and when you lose one potential client, there is the risk of losing even more. With social media sharing, any poor service will go viral and within no time you might find yourself staring at an empty facility.

To appreciate the reasons you need a mobile app for your business, check some of the benefits that come with a fitness center booking app.

  1. Course Schedule and Reservations

Your clients need to know which slot is available in order to plan their time ahead. Most clients have tight schedules and they might not even have the time to call for an appointment. However, with a mobile booking app, they just need to check the most appropriate slot and book from the comfort of their homes or office. The app will also provide further details on the number of members in the class, waiting list and all this is provided in real-time.

  1. In-App Purchases

Most fitness centers have diversified their services to include health products such as supplements and gym wear among other items. These can be purchased online but this can be a lengthy process. Instead, your mobile app should have a purchase feature, which allows for member subscription, product purchases and subscription renewal. This increases conversion because statistics show most internet users are spending time on mobile apps as opposed to mobile web.

  1. Better Customer Experience

Imagine you have left your office in a hurry at the end of the day in order to hit the gym only to find your trainer is busy. It happens all the time, but this is not to say it is acceptable. Reducing waiting time in any business should be a priority and in a fitness center, it is even more crucial. Waiting kills morale and your client might not come in for the next appointment. One lost client might not seem like a big deal, but consider how many more they will influence in their circle.

  1. Better Facility Management

A disorganized fitness center is not only a turn off but also a safety risk. With manual booking, you might end up overbooking and stretching your resources. This could lead to injuries and a poor customer experience. With a fitness center booking app, you are able to track all bookings and cancellations in real time in order to prepare early enough.

  1. Geo-localized Locations

Your mobile app not only helps to make booking seamless but also directs your clients to the closest gym. You can also provide contact information, which will enable users to easily contact you through the app.

A fitness center booking app does more than just smoothening the scheduling process. This tool builds customer loyalty, boosts conversion, helps in promotions and ultimately your fitness center will be ahead of the pack.



Madhu Kesavan

Madhu Kesavan is an IT Entrepreneur and CEO of W2S Solutions. He helps businesses to resolve their problems with IT solutions. He believes that Innovation requires a combination of knowledge, skill and courage. He also encourages and guides young people to focus and help them grow. He leads a team of developers, designers and engineers; As a team, they build visionary Apps.


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